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Learn more about the stories you see on know99 Television. Click on the links below, to visit the website of youth and education programs and partners.


know 99 logo Stop Bullying AZ bullying prevention initiative that focuses on the by-stander and provides them with empowering tools
know 99 logo The Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence  promoting high quality out-of-school time programs in Arizona
know 99 logo College Depot full service college planning center
know 99 logo Valley Youth Theatre  a world-class, nationally recognized non-profit theatre in Phoenix
know 99 logo Arizona SciTech Festival  a state-wide celebration of science, technology, engineering and math held annually in February and March
know 99 logo Rodel Foundation of Arizona improving Arizona's public education system
know 99 logo Milken Family Foundation core inspiration is to unlock the power of human potential
know 99 logo Teacher of the Year  program spotlights the contributions of outstanding public school teachers throughout Arizona
know 99 logo The National Center for Education Statistics  collects, analyzes and makes available data related to education in the U.S. and other nations
know 99 logo Helios Education Foundation  creating opportunities for postsecondary education success
know 99 logo Outstanding Young Man and Young Woman of the Year program recognizes and honors the outstanding achievements of young people