Councilman Valenzuela's Statement re: Feds Approval of Access to Care Ordinance

April 24, 2013

Daniel Valenzuela Head shot for News Releases

Caption: Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela

“The federal government has approved the Access to Care ordinance allowing our city to receive its fair share of federal dollars set aside for healthcare.  I am humbled to have played a part in the creation of this important ordinance – the first of its kind approved in Arizona – that will help stabilize our healthcare system while ensuring quality healthcare for all.  

“To have a healthy city, you must have healthy residents and financially healthy hospitals.  This ordinance allows Phoenix to simply access already set-aside federal funds to reimburse hospitals for unrecovered costs related to uninsured- and low-income patients.  This will benefit everyone in our city.

“Our local hospitals contribute nearly $28 billion each year to our economy.  This ordinance will ensure that our hospitals are able to meet their moral and legal obligation to provide healthcare to anyone in need, while continuing to create jobs and drive our economy into a positive direction.

“I would like to thank our local hospitals for working with us to create a viable solution to this issue, and our friends at the state and in Washington D.C. for approving this creative solution that will ensure the well-being of the residents of Phoenix for generations to come.”


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