Youth and Education Channel Airs 'Inventions that Shook the World'

July 31, 2013

know 99 graphic 168 x 106The city’s youth and education channel know99 Television takes viewers on a decade-by-decade voyage of innovative discovery with “Inventions That Shook the World.”  

The 10-part series chronicles the history of the 20th Century and its great inventions, such as the radio, parachute, rocket and the Internet.

Viewers get a firsthand look at the inventors’ process through primary sources, including archival footage and interviews with the actual inventors. These inventors launched themselves off a building, marched into an inferno, volunteered as test subjects and played the role of “crash test dummy” to take their creations from science fiction to reality.

The series premieres at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 2, and can be viewed on Cox Cable Channel 99 and Century Link Channel 20.  

For more information about know99 Television and this series, visit A listing of additional air dates for this series is also available online - visit the program schedule link at


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