President Obama Praises Phoenix Efforts to End Veteran Chronic Homelessness

Aug. 6, 2013

President Obama today lauded Mayor Greg Stanton’s work to end chronic homelessness among veterans, saying we also “have to keep going.”

Stanton’s “housing first” strategy to end chronic homelessness has produced 1,000 units via housing vouchers for homeless individuals, and permanent housing arrangements for 200 chronically homeless families and individuals.

“To build an economy that works for every person in our city, we have to end chronic homelessness,” Stanton said.  “With the help of great private partners, we're on our way to make that a reality.”

Obama said ending homelessness among veterans is important to the strength of the U.S. economy.

“Here in Phoenix, thanks to the hard work of everyone from Mayor Stanton to the local United Way to US Airways, you’re on track to end chronic homelessness for veterans by 2014,” Obama said.  “But we have to keep going, because nobody in America, and certainly no veteran, should be left to live on the street.”

Stanton has been working hard to make sure all homeless families in Phoenix get the help they need to get back on their feet through:  

  • The Phoenix Homeless Initiative. The Phoenix Homeless Initiative began in 2012 to prioritize housing for the chronically homeless on our streets. Through a “housing first” strategy, 200 additional chronically homeless families and individuals will have access to permanent assisted housing over the next three years.  
  • Family Focused Initiative.  Part of the Phoenix Homeless Initiative is the Family Focused Initiative, a joint partnership between the city’s Housing and Human Services departments, that will provide 25 Public Housing units and case-work services per year for the next three years to assist families.
  • Vouchers Dedicated to Homeless Populations.  Another part of the Phoenix Homeless Initiative includes vouchers targeted for the homeless that total 1,000 units from the following programs.
  • Mayor’s Homelessness Advisory Committee. This seasoned committee includes the heads of homeless shelters in Phoenix and experts in the field.  
  • Mayor’s Office Senior Policy Adviser on Homelessness.  Jodi Liggett serves as Mayor Stanton’s senior policy adviser on homelessness. Liggett has worked with community partners to create a roadmap to end chronic homelessness in Phoenix by 2015.


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