Stanton, Other Local Mayors Want Dialogue on Education Reform

Nov. 26, 2012

Greg Stanton for News Releases

Caption:Mayor Greg Stanton

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith along with other mayors  today announced a new effort to address education funding and reform in Arizona.

Right now, public education is at a crossroads.  With the failure of Proposition 204 to extend revenue for our schools—now is the time for community action. There must be a broad state-wide discussion about the future of education funding from both sides of the debate to support reforms and strategies to address education problems.  

“We must use our unique positions as mayors to bring everyone to the table to have open discussions about what needs to get done in our schools to help our children succeed,” Mayor Stanton said. “Our success as a state and city depends on what happens with our education system.”

That’s why the mayors are calling on elected officials and leaders from all political parties together with the business community to work with Arizona school boards, teachers, non-profits and neighborhoods tom develop real solutions for education problems.

“Some issues are too important to be impacted by city boundaries,” Mayor Smith said. “It is imperative that we all take part in ensuring quality education for our children and creating a well-educated workforce to rebuild Arizona’s economy.”

The mayors believe good ideas will come from across Arizona—small towns to large cities, regardless of anyone’s political party-- and it will take the entire community to develop real solutions.


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