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3/27/14 4:50 PM
Councilman Bill Gates Statement on New Assistant City Manager
3/26/14 2:30 PM
Residents are Invited to Join Councilman Gates for Community Bike, Safety Events
3/7/14 11:58 AM
Councilman Bill Gates, Dbacks CEO Derrick Hall Optimistic About Landing RNC
3/5/14 2:27 PM
Councilman Gates, Partners Invite Residents to Cave Creek Wash Cleanup Event
2/26/14 4:32 PM
Statement from Councilman Bill Gates: Tech Plan, Tech Summit & Open-Data Policy
2/19/14 9:42 AM
Vice Mayor Gates Hosts North 32nd Street Corridor Plan Meeting
2/10/14 6:01 PM
Vice Mayor Gates Requests Examination of City's Long-Term Water Plan
2/10/14 3:50 PM
Vice Mayor Gates Hosts Coffee Chat with Director of AZ Registrar of Contractors
2/4/14 4:48 PM
City and County Open Co-Location and Streamline Development
1/16/14 4:34 PM
City and Partners Collaborate to Host Zero-Waste Baseball Game
1/8/14 5:13 PM
City, ASU Partner on New Regional Innovation Center
12/23/13 11:28 AM
Phoenix Increases Transparency with Online Open Checkbook
12/19/13 10:36 AM
Statement on Intergovernmental Agreement with ASU Focusing on Sustainability
12/19/13 9:06 AM
Vice Mayor Gates Statement on Expanded Parking Options at Sky Harbor
12/11/13 4:27 PM
Vice Mayor Gates' Statement on Investigation Related to CPS
12/5/13 11:06 AM
No Water or Sewer Rate Increases for Phoenix Customers
12/4/13 8:35 AM
Vice Mayor Gates Statement Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/20/13 5:10 PM
Vice Mayor Gates' Statement on City Manager Performance Dashboard, Efficiencies
10/9/13 4:48 PM
Vice Mayor's Statement on the Recommendations of the Pension Subcommittee
9/18/13 11:42 AM
Phoenix on Track to Surpass Innovation and Efficiency Savings Goals
9/13/13 5:34 PM
Pension Fairness & Spiking Elimination Ad Hoc Subco to Meet Sept. 17
9/9/13 5:12 PM
Statement From Vice Mayor Gates Regarding Pension Ad Hoc Subcommittee
9/4/13 6:31 PM
Mayor Stanton, Vice Mayor Gates: 'No Pension Spiking for New City Manager'
8/9/13 9:08 AM
Vice Mayor Gates and Councilman Valenzuela Host Golf Tourney at Palo Verde
6/13/13 4:48 PM
Buckle up Baby the Right Way - Free Child Car Seat Safety Event June 15
6/6/13 5:00 PM
Vice Mayor Gates Coffee Chat Features Apollo Group, Deer Valley Airport Reps
4/30/13 4:37 PM
City and County Partner for Crime Prevention/Victims' Rights Community Meeting
1/29/13 5:38 PM
Councilman Daniel T. Valenzuela's Statement on Immigration Reform
11/7/12 5:00 PM
Join Councilmen Gates and Waring for an Update on 32nd Street Development
10/23/12 12:47 PM
City Celebrates $59M in Innovation and Efficiency Savings; Announces $100M Goal
10/4/12 11:21 AM
Stanton, Gates Statement: 'Bottled Water Policy Needed to Change'
9/20/12 8:00 AM
City Announces Newest Business Partnership - Sewer and Water Line Repair
3/21/12 4:27 PM
City Outsources More Than $475 Million in Projects, Programs; Plans for More
1/17/12 8:30 AM
City Manages Two Years of Budget Deficits; Zero Deficits Projected for 2012-13
10/19/11 4:34 PM
City Council Approves Same Day Trash and Recycling Collection
9/28/11 4:56 PM
City Council Finance, Efficiency and Innovation Subcommittee Update
5/25/11 4:14 PM
Finance, Efficiency and Innovation Subcommittee Approves $5.7 Million in Savings
3/23/11 5:48 PM
Finance, Efficiency and Innovation Subcommittee Identifies Additional Savings
1/19/11 4:23 PM
Finance, Efficiency and Innovation Subcommittee Identifies Additional Savings
11/4/10 9:35 AM
Employee Count Per Capita Smallest in 40 Years Even as City Continues to Grow
9/13/10 8:00 PM
Councilman Bill Gates' 32nd Street Business Roundtable Breakfast