Rent a pool

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Private Pool Rentals

Are you hosting a family reunion, company picnic or field trip? Are you looking for a place to hold an aquatic special event? City of Phoenix pools can be rented for exclusive pool parties!

Pool rates are dependant upon the pool in which you choose to host your event.  Each rental has a two hour minimum.  

Hourly Pool Rental Rates:
Facility rental charge $20 per hour
Manager supervision fee $42 per hour
Lifeguard fee $15 per hour per lifeguard
    ***The average pool requires seven lifeguards
    ***An average two hour pool rental starts at $334.00.

Pools are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates and times are limited.

Please call the Aquatics Office at (602) 534-6587 or email at for pool rental information.