Sonoran Preserve

Sonoran Preserve

Caption:  California poppies blooming in the Sonoran Preserve

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Current Preserve Improvement Projects

Sonoran Preserve Trails:
Since 2009 there have been 14 miles of new trails designed and constructed in the Sonoran Preserve. Currently department staff is designing the next phases of trails. Typically trail construction occurs in the cooler months of the year while the hotter months of the year are devoted to trail planning and layout. To provide input into the process of trail design and layout please contact Jarod Rogers, Trails Coordinator at 602-534-1089.
Funding Source: Phoenix Parks and Preserve Initiative
The Sonoran Preserve Master Plan  provides a detailed look into the
long-term plans for this important new desert preserve area. 
Contact: Jarod Rogers (602) 534-1089
For general information: (602) 262-7901.


Sonoran Preserve Paseo
The Sonoran Preserve Paseo is a 10' wide shared-use path located in the Sonoran Preserve and along the route of the Sonoran Boulevard. The first phase of the project is 5 miles in length. The Paseo features 100% accessibility for people of all physical abilities and includes 10 pedestrian bridges over preserved desert washes. Two shade ramadas located along the Paseo provide respite from the sun. The Paseo will also have trail connections to neighborhoods to the south and multi-purpose trails in the Sonoran Preserve to the north.
Anticipated completion: May 2013
Funding Source: Impact Fees. 
Contact:Jarod Rogers (602) 534-1089