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Electronic Plan Review (EPR)

The city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department is now offering the ability to submit development plans electronically using the Internet. 

Benefits of submitting electronically include:
  • reduced physical trips for plan drop off/pick up and associated payments
  • reduced printing of hard copies
  • potentially improved review turnaround time through more efficient communication non-linear plan review processes

Two Systems

Electronic Plan Review requires applicants to interact with two separate systems.  One is a WEB portal that allows applicants to electronically complete and submit a plan review application and make fee payments. The second system is the city of Phoenix ProjectDox system which is where the applicant uploads drawings and supporting documentation.  

Separate logins are required for each of the two systems; however, the same email address and password can be used for both.  The basic functions of each system are outlined below.

Functions of the Electronic Plan Review WEB portal:
  • Create and submit plan review applications
  • Make fee payments for plan review and building permits
Functions of the ProjectDox system:
  • Upload drawings and documentation
  • Manage drawing markups and drawing versions
  • Email notifications between applicant and city prompted by completing tasks
  • Provide approved drawings for download and printing

To qualify for submitting electronically you must follow the Submittal Guidelines contained in the links below.

How To Links

Getting Started
Submitting a Project
Making a Payment
Plan Corrections
Project Reports

If you have questions feel free to contact us at 602-534-5934. 

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