Social Media

Communicating with our diverse audiences is important to the city of Phoenix - find out how we are using social media to connect with residents:

  • The Public Information Office (PIO) administers the city's main Facebook page and Twitter account and posts daily news, videos and photos highlighting city programs, services, innovations and efficiencies.  PIO also uses YouTube as a secondary source to push city videos out to the world, streaming video, and video on demand to harness the power of viral marketing;
  • PIO partners with the Mayor and City Manager's offices, the Budget and Research Department, and Information Technology Services to broadcast online budget hearings where residents can submit their budget questions via social media and have them answered live on PHX11.
  • The city administers more than 35 department-specific Twitter accounts to "tweet" news from almost all organizational units of the city - from business services such as planning, infrastructure development, convention and economic development, to resident services such as public safety, arts and recreation, and neighborhood maintenance. Additionally, our followers are "retweeting" the messages, increasing exponentially the number of residents receiving our news and information;
  • The Phoenix Fire and Police departments use social media not only for community engagement and outreach but also to share home and personal safety information to residents.
  • The Phoenix Workforce Connection (PWC) uses LinkedIn as an additional networking tool to help Phoenix residents directly connect to jobs, adopting a strategy used in the business world to communicate employment opportunities and development;

These social  media platforms support our traditional communications vehicles such as news releases; newsletters;;  PHX 11, the city's news and information cable channel; and know99, the city's education channel.

Select any of the buttons below to find, follow, subscribe or watch city news via the main social media channels administered by the Public Information Office.

Visit our Social Media Accounts webpage to view a listing of all city accounts and to read our Social Media Terms of Use.

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