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City Code Compliance Supports Healthy Phoenix Community


City Code Compliance Supports Healthy Phoenix Community
The city of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department has a code compliance and enforcement section, the Neighborhood Preservation Division, which enforces many city codes and ordinances, including:
• Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance (NPO), which provides standards for property maintenance, upkeep and repairs
• Zoning Ordinance, which regulates the use of land within the city
• Mobile Vending Regulations, which oversee compliance with vendor site plans on private property
• Adult Business Licensing, which ensures compliance with specific site and licensing requirements
• Portions of the Animal Ordinance, which prohibits roosters and swine, and regulates the keeping of livestock  
The Code Enforcement Policy adopted by the City Council assures consistency with enforcement.  The policy establishes guidelines for addressing standard and repeat offender cases to promote health and safety, protect the community from blight and deterioration, and sustain and enhance the quality of life in the city of Phoenix.

The majority of code enforcement cases in the city are the result of residents filing a complaint.  Some cases are not the result of a resident complaint, but are generated for one or more of the following reasons:

• Common Blight: Inspectors may expand on original complaints and address the same violations plus common blight violations on properties in the immediate area
• Hazards: Conditions deemed as hazardous, such as open and accessible pools, open excavations, vacant and accessible structures
• Recidivist Properties:  Property owners with Notices of Ordinance Violations (NOV) or civil citations issued, and/or abatement actions taken within a 24-month period
• Seamless Service:  Properties referred by other city of Phoenix departments and agencies
• Targeted Areas:  Strategic code enforcement plans such as targeted, neighborhood initiative and redevelopment areas
Neighborhood Preservation works in partnership with other city departments, agencies, communities and businesses to ensure compliance from both residents and businesses with city codes, ordinances, licensing and regulations.  Code enforcement staff achieves compliance through a combination of education, resource and assistance referrals, and enforcement.
Below is a diagram of the standard code enforcement process:

Code Compliance  

For more information on examples of eight most common blight violations enforced by code compliance, see our Eight Common Blight Violations brochure.

If you would like to learn how to identify and report common violations, and other important ways to get involved in the process, plan to attend our next “Code Compliance 101” class from 6 - 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 24, at the Travis Williams Family Service Center, 4732 S. Central Ave.  To sign up, or see other Neighborhood College class offerings, visit  

To report a blight violation, visit, call 602-534-4444 or email  You also can use our smartphone app, “myPhxAz”, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Android Market.