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Every time it rains, stormwater flows over different surfaces (roads, sidewalks, roof tops) picking up pollutants (oils, chemicals, garbage) and carries them UNTREATED to our rivers, washes and retention areas (parks).

ESDSW048_StormDrainDan.jpgFollow Storm Drain Dan through a series of stormwater pollution prevention adventures.

Episode 1: Storm Drain Dan and His Adventures to Save Our Water
Episode 2: Storm Drain Dan and His Adventures with the Weed Killer
Episode 3: Storm Drain Dan and the Case of the Mysterious Swimming Pool Water

Stay safe! Don’t play in or around storm drains. Storm drains can be filled with chemicals, oils, trash and are dangerous. If you see anyone dumping something that doesn’t belong in the storm drain, call (602) 256-3190.

Help Storm Drain Dan fight stormwater pollution. Remember, Storm Drain Dan says, "Only Rain in the Storm Drain" .

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