Home Water Use - Additional Information


Additional Info About Home Water Use


Caption plum:More information for home water-use planning




You can now plan your landscape, choose your plants and learn efficient watering techniques on-line.  Link to the electronic web sites below or order hard copies at the Literature & Media link to the left.

The first principle of Xeriscape is planning your landscape.  Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert is now on-line. 

Choose plants that fit your landscape and your lifestyle with the new interactive Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert Web site.  

Landscape Watering by the Numbers a Guide for the Arizona Desert provided by Water - Use It Wisely can help you plan sprinklers that meet your plant-specific watering needs.

Additional FAQs on drought.

More information on drought preparation techniques.

Information on leak detection.

Related print materials may be ordered at Literature & Media.