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This Commission shall: work with the City Council on matters of historic preservation; take the initiative in bringing people together on historic preservation issues; review appeals on proposed alterations to historic properties, historic districts and archeological resources through the Certificate of Appropriateness process; and develop, maintain and from time to time amend a plan and annual work programs for historic preservation activities in the City. This Commission shall further establish and maintain a Phoenix Historic Property Register, survey historic properties including archaeological resources, recommend to the City Council designations for historic preservation districts, and establish guidelines for evaluation of historic properties districts including archaeological resources. The Historic Preservation Commission shall also provide public information and education on preservation, coordinate resources and provide technical assistance, develop criteria and review procedure, promote revitalization of the City through preservation and make recommendation to the City Council and citizens regarding historic preservation. The Commission may also confer with other city, county regional, state and national historic preservation boards and commission; work with and assist City departments in matters affecting historic preservation; initiate plans for restoration or rehabilitation of City-owned buildings, and advocate and recommend plans for the restoration or rehabilitation of privately owned buildings and the preservation of archaeological resources; discourage and work with City departments to prevent unwanted demolition of historic buildings and structures and the destruction of archaeological resources. This Commission is also responsible for making funding recommendations for Historic Preservation Bond Funds.
Contact Information: Michelle Dodds (602) 262-7468
Meeting Frequency:
This Commission typically meets once per month on the third Monday at 4:30 p.m. in a publicly posted location which varies.
Board Composition:
This Commission shall consist of nine members serving three-year terms who are residents of the City of Phoenix. At least one member shall be selected from each of the following categories: Registered Architect, Real Estate Professional, Archaeologist, and Historian. The City Archaeologist shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the Commission.
     Maximum Members: 9  
     Minimum Members: 0  
     Current Members: 10  
     Vacancies: 0  

    Active Member List:

 Member Name  Representation
  Cutting, Bruce    Resident of Phoenix 
  Horn, Derek    Resident of Phoenix 
  Klocke, Dan    Resident of Phoenix 
  Leonard, Kathryn    Historian 
  Noble, Christina    Architects 
  Rampy, Sherry    Real Estate 
  Rayle, Greta    Archaeologist 
  Ruter, Helena    Historian 
  Scheel, Bill    Resident of Phoenix 
  de Uriarte, Richard    Resident of Phoenix 

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