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The Judicial Selection Advisory Board shall have the following powers and duties: 1) To seek out and encourage qualified individuals to apply for the office of Judge of the City Court. 2) To conduct investigations into the background and qualifications of candidates for the office of Judge of the City Court, including but not limited to the use of questionnaires, personal interviews, and contacting such individuals and institutions as it deems reasonable to obtain as much background information on the candidate as possible. 3) To submit its recommendations for candidates for appointment or reappointment to the office of the Judge of the City Court or Chief Presiding Judge, without regard for race, religion, political affiliation or sex of the candidate, to the Mayor, who thereafter shall convene the City Council for the purpose of interviewing all candidates recommended.
Contact Information: Loren Braud (602) 262-1899
Meeting Frequency:
This Board meets once per year or as necessary.
Board Composition:
Board members shall serve for three-year terms without salary or compensation and shall be eligible for reappointment for one additional three-year term. The Board shall consist of seven voting members comprised of the following: One member shall be the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of Maricopa County (or designee) One member shall be an Appellate Court Judge to be appointed by the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court One member shall be a member of the Maricopa County Bar Association who shall reside in the City of Phoenix and shall be appointed by the Mayor from among thee nominees recommended by the Association's Board of Directors One member shall be an active member of the State Bar of Arizona who shall reside in the City of Phoenix and who shall be appointed by the Mayor from among three nominees recommended by the State Bar's Board of Governors Three members shall be residents of the City of Phoenix who are not city employees appointed by the Mayor subject to approval of the City Council.
     Maximum Members: 7  
     Minimum Members: 0  
     Current Members: 7  
     Vacancies: 0  

    Active Member List:

 Member Name  Representation
  Adel, Allister     
  Contreras, January     
  Cunanan, David    Superior Court Presid Judge 
  Johnsen, Diane    Court of Appeals 
  Kanefield, Joseph     
  Rascon, Carlos     
  Steblay, Craig    Resident of Phoenix