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This Commission shall have the following powers and duties: A) Subject to approval by the City Council, identification of factors to be considered when reviewing proposals to name or rename City facilities. B) Make recommendations to the City Council concerning all proposals for the naming or renaming of City of Phoenix facilities, except for facilities operated by the Parks and Recreation Board.
Contact Information: Michelle Dodds (602) 262-7468
Meeting Frequency:
The Heritage Commission shall conduct an annual meeting and such other meetings as it deems appropriate. Meetings may be called either by the Chairperson or by a majority of the members of the Commission. At the annual meeting, the Commission shall elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson who shall preside in the event the Chairperson cannot attend the meeting. The Historic Preservation Officer or Designee shall serve as secretary to the Commission. The Heritage Commission shall conduct public hearings in regard to all naming or renaming proposals that are reviewed pursuant to this article.
Board Composition:
The Commission shall be comprised of the members of the Historic Preservation Commission and two additional members. The two members who are not members of the Historic Preservation Commission shall be members of the public at large who are residents of the City of Phoenix.
     Maximum Members: 11  
     Minimum Members: 0  
     Current Members: 10  
     Vacancies: 1  

    Active Member List:

 Member Name  Representation
  Dombek, Raleigh    Historic Preservation Comm 
  Horn, Derek    Historic Preservation Comm 
  James, Abraham    Architects 
  Klocke, Dan     
  Noble, Christina    Historic Preservation Comm 
  Rampy, Sherry    Historic Preservation Comm 
  Rayle, Greta    Archaeologist 
  Ruter, Helena    Historian 
  Scheel, Bill    Historic Preservation Comm 
  de Uriarte, Richard     

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