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Boards and Commissions

  2006 Citizens Bond Executive Committee    Laveen Village Planning Committee
  Ahwatukee Foothills Village Planning Committee    Library Advisory Board
  Airport Board of Adjustment    License Appeals Board
  Airport Zoning Commission    Maryvale Village Planning Committee
  Alhambra Village Planning Committee    Mayor's Commission on Disability Issues
  Audit Committee    Military Veterans Commission
  Board of Adjustment    Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee
  Camelback East Village Planning Committee    North Gateway Village Planning Committee
  Central City Village Planning Committee    North Mountain Village Planning Committee
  Citizens Committee on the Future of Phoenix Transportation    Pacific Rim Advisory Council
  Citizens Transportation Commission    Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee
  Citizens' Transit Commission    Parks and Preserve Initiative Oversight Committee, City of Phoenix
  City Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board    Parks and Recreation Board
  Civil Service Board    Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission
  Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods, City of Phoenix    Phoenix Aviation Advisory Board
  Community Development Review Committee    Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board
  Deer Valley Village Planning Committee    Phoenix Citizens Corps Committee
  Desert View Village Planning Committee    Phoenix Civic Improvement Corporation Board
  Design Review Committee    Phoenix Employees' Deferred Compensation Board
  Design Standards Committee    Phoenix Employment Relations Board
  Development Advisory Board    Phoenix Residential Investment Development Effort
  Encanto Village Planning Committee    Phoenix Women's Commission
  Environmental Quality Commission    Phoenix Youth and Education Commission
  Estrella Village Planning Committee    Planning Commission
  Ethics Commission    Public Defender Review Committee
  Fire Safety Advisory Board    Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board
  Heritage Commission    Rehabilitation Appeals Board
  Historic Preservation Commission    Rio Vista Village Planning Committee
  Human Relations Commission    Sister Cities Commission
  Human Services Commission    South Mountain Village Planning Committee
  Industrial Development Authority Board    Water/Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee
  Judicial Selection Advisory Board    West Phoenix Revitalization Community Advisory Board